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Direkt als Status mitteilen. Dieses Objekt ist inkompatibel mit Dota 2. Crystal Maiden’s Arcane Aura will provide a great boost to Pudge’s low mana regen and will allow him to cast his Meat Hook a lot more often than usual, and her slow and immobilize will allow Pudge to easily hook his enemies when ganking. What is also important to mention is that heroes now gain 1 more hp per point in strenght which Pudge can benefit greatly from since he can easily go over strenght with the help of his great strenght gain and his passive ability Flesh heap. The way the enemy runs very much varies on their experience against Pudges, if the enemy knows that you’re about to hook, they will try to move away from it, this is what you’re aiming for. The current Item build is for Laning Pudges, roaming Pudge’s item build can vary.

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An important change now tho is the increase of range for melee heroes and the increased aggro durations on lane creeps which will make it harder for Pudge to be agressive but shouldn’t and won’t shut down his great agressive potential. Since it’s a toggle ability, it does pudg count as a spell so no charges will be given to a Magic wand if toggled.

Pudge’s rot slows and damages not only his enemies but him aswell, Omni’s repel will nullify the damage and slow it deals to him while not affecting the slow and damage it deals to the enemy, making Pudge a feared target in the enemy ranks. You maybe want to fix that: The rest of the gold can be spent on Iron Branches but I prefer saving for a bottle.

The current Item build is for Laning Pudges, roaming Pudge’s item build can vary. If you’re on the radiant you can go to the Bottom rune spot and hide at the ward spot as shown in the picture, tell your team to not show themselves to trick the enemy into thinking the rune is safe to take, as they see no danger they will start heading towards the rune, if you’re quick enough you can catch them even before they take it and easily secure first blood as well as the rune.

Boots of choice for a Pudge are Tranquil boots but you should get Arcane boots first because they will provide your team and most importantly you with even more mana for your mana expensive spells, later it can be disassembled so that you can use the Boots of Speed for tranquils and the Energy booster for Aether Lens.


On Pudge you usually build utility items that help him position himself easier, but afterwards you can buy a Heart of Tarrasque, Shiva’s Guard or Blade mail to make him a great tank without much trouble since he does not benefit much to the teamfight with his basic attack or Rot while his other abilities are on cooldown.

Dota 2 Pudge 4k MMR Badassasaurus gameplay – video dailymotion

It should be maxed as soon as possible, and even tho you take Rot first you should Max it second, the Meat hook’s damage is Pure which makes it a very strong nuke and very deadly towards enemies with low health points.

A Crimson Guard will provide you with great protection from the enemies carries as well as your team. Flesh Heap is Pudge’s only passive ability which will provide him with stacking magic resistance and strenght gain per enemy killed this works as an Urn of Shadows, you will get the point no matter who killed the enemy as long as it was killed in it’s aoe range.

4 is one of the best gankers Dota has to offer, while he is one of the slowest heroes in pduge game, he is also one of the deadliest. It throws out a hook that goes through all terrain and will hook anything it catches, this pkdge Lane or Jungle creeps, Allies and Enemies, this doesn’t include Ancients and Roshan.

A great example is Spirit Breaker who on level 1 can take his Charge and mini-stun the enemy upon impact. And most importantly it can be used without canceling any channel abilities, this means that pudgf can freely channel it while dismembering an enemy.

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While offlane is considered the Suicide Lane or the Hard lane and it’s heroes should have a way to escape with an invisibility spell, leap spell or damage absorbing spells, Pudge can very much go there aswell. Mai um 5: Meat Hook is his signature skill and is the main reason why Pudge is so fun to play and popular amongs Pub and Ranked players.

Pudge can choose from Rot pjdge Meat hook, Rot will slow and damage the enemy, making it much easier for your carry and support to get their basic attacks and spells off on the enemy and Meat hook will drag them closer to you in case the enemy pudve you and started running. Mirana’s Leap provides her with a quick way to pudgd out of combat or escape a gank while also providing bonus movement speed. As a Pudge you don’t aim at the position the enemy is currently at, you aim for where you know or think they will be until the hook reaches them.


Smoke of Deceit and Dust of Appearance are great active items that will help you in certain scenarios. Heaven’s Halbert is not that common on Pudge’s and you should only pick it up if your team struggles against their carry, hence it’s pudgw will make the carry unable to attack you for a few seconds.

With all the recent changes of items, heroes and the map, let’s not forget our favourite, most fun hero, Pudge.

If you disassembled your Arcane Boots then you only need a Ring of Health and a Recipe to finish the Aether lens which is not that expensive, afterwards you buy a Ring of Regen and a Ring of Protection to finish your Tranquil boots. Einige Geodaten dieser Seite werden von geonames. What makes Pudge a great nuker is his Meat Hook which deals Pure damage to the enemy which can easily be followed up with his Rot and Dismember, making the enemy fully inable to act while taking massive amounts of damage.

Dismember is Pudge’s ult and it will deal damage and disable any 4l targeted for 3 second 6 if it isn’t a hero while needing to be Channeled. Pudge’s intelligence pugde very low and with it his mana and mana regen, his movement speed is one of the slowest in-game and he is useless unless he gains an experience advantage.

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To enemies it will deal damage, but to your Lane creeps and Allies it puddge only drag them to you. Dust of Appearance is to be bought throughout the game if the ppudge has Invisible heroes Riki, Bounty Hunter, Clinkz, Nyx assassin etc.

Aghanim’s Sceptre will reduce the cooldown on your hood drastically and will increase it’s damage allowing you to hook and enemy, dismember it and hook it again, allowing you to have greater chances on killing someone. Mai um 4: Anmelden Einen Account erstellen Abbrechen.

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